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 Forum: Problemi vari con Windows   Argomento: Ways to modernise the graphical characteristics of Runescape

Inviato: venerdì 19 marzo 2021, 8:08 

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Your forgetting that they greatly monitize our match between subscriptions, MTX promotions, and paying for shit like bank space, presets, and action bars. This is a problem happening ahead of the Wuhan Virus hit the entire world. No - because I've replied to several others - I know it's fairly absur...

 Forum: Il soggiorno del forum   Argomento: New NBA 2K21 Trailer Offers Glimpse Of The New World Environ

Inviato: venerdì 19 marzo 2021, 8:03 

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The complete NBA 2K21 trailer launched on Thursday morning, and it gave fans the longest look in the upcoming game on the current-generation systems. The trailer celebrities cover athlete Damian Lillard that is current-gen and Portland Trail Blazers celebrity. There are dribble animations and some n...
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