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I am requesting is it worth to perform soul wars to find

Messaggio Inviato da | Profilo | Novizio | martedì 23 febbraio 2021, 8:01 | | Punti: 15  | Messaggi: 3
I don't know what armour will be good for my level. All ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance. Because you've summoning Ill assume you're a member. This OSRS gold depends what you're doing are you training your own strength? I will presume you are using Slayer as it gives great exp, if thats the case then try and get a Black Mask/Slayer Helmet, Bandos Chestplate/Fighter Torso, Bandos Tassets. If you cant afford the tassets then obviously just get some regular platelegs.

For boots get some Dragon Boots, gloves strive for Barrows Glvoes or if you cant get them a battle bracelet. Amulet there is just two chocies, a fury if you have the money or a decoration if you are short on money. To get a cape there are too many choices, just get the best that you can. If you're training strength the only best thing you will need is a dragon guardian - this is your priority!

Would you sell it back to afford a skill level target for example 85 herblore? No. - Assuming he has no funds to start with, there's nothing to market back. Would you make more $ at the hrs invested to receive it? Yes. - There's no way you'd have the ability to earn enough cash for BCP at the Old school rs gold time it takes to get a torso. In conclusion: Torso isn't worth getting. Period. - If you don't have the cash available it is a fantastic option. The only disadvantage I watch for slayer is the small prayer bonus reduction. The defence bonus loss is negligible.
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